We specialise in low maintenance gardens that you can enjoy all year round with minimal effort enabling you to spend more time relaxing after that hard week. 

Your garden will be designed to suit your lifestyle and made possible by us, so that when we have that beautiful day, you CAN relax and not think I’ll just cut the grass, I’ll just pull those weeds out I’ll just, I’ll just, I’ll just ……………………..

Whatever your goal or your desired design Lazy Landscapes will always rise to the challenge and exceed your expectations.

Take a look what Lazy Landscapes can offer you:

  • Artificial Grass
  • Forget Astro turf of old modern artificial grass is practical, ideal for children and pets and the ultimate low maintenance mess free garden. Artificial grass is perfect for Clients who require their garden to look vibrant, clean and tidy all year long. We use high quality synthetic lawns that look realistic are especially durable and feel like natural turf. Our artificial lawns have been truly tested and approved to be pet friendly by Nelson a 50 kg German Sheppard.

  • Turf
  • if you prefer traditional real grass we can install any size turfed lawn to suit your needs.

  • Decking
  • With a wide range of styles avalible, the limit is your imagination, we can sit down and put your ideas into a design which will work to suit you and your garden.

  • Pergolas
  • Pergolas are a fantastic way to make your garden 3D and perfect in every way to encourage and support climbing plants. We can even build you a basic pergola that can stand alone as a statement. Whatever you desire we can help you create the perfect design.

  • Irrigation systems
  • We can lay a subsurface irrigation system which can be connected to either a rain water collection point or your mains supply. We can connect your system to a timer so your plants are watered at the optimum time of the day to ensure your garden is looking amazing during those summer months.

  • Plants
  • If you would like bulbs or established plants in your garden, we can ensure that the correct plants are placed in the optimum part of the garden so that the right amount of UV or shade or balance of both to enable your plants grow to their best.

  • General Garden Maintenance
  • If you just need that extra set of hands to help to clear leaves, or cut the grass, airriate, tidy up the beds or prune. No matter how big or small the job or your garden, we can come round for a set number of hours a week or month scheduled at your demand.

  • Patio's
  • We can replace your existing worn out patio or create a bespoke design for you to sit and enjoy those long summer evenings on.

  • Saplings
  • We can plant a one off tree or create a design so that you can have a wide selection of trees to suit your needs, be it fruit or just because you have always wanted that particular specimen tree.

  • Tree Shaping & Hedge Cutting
  • We can shape your trees / Hedges to let the sun back into your garden, or just tidy up the bush or tree that escaped you and got out of hand.

  • Fencing
  • We can build to suit your requirements whether you require a standard or individually designed fence and or gate. Have your fence built to suit your requirements. If your garden is exposed and you need a bespoke fence to reclaim your privacy or to shield you from the elements we can simply design and build a fence that will perform to your expectations.
  • Shed's (including base)
  • We can erect an 'off the shelf' shed or we can build a custom built shed designed to suit your every need. Our creative and playful side would love the challenge to design and build your children a one off playhouse or treehouse.

  • Green-house (including base)
  • If you have purchased a green house and need help to erect, give Lazy Lanscapes a call and we can arrange this.